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"We use a Sono-Tek laboratory system for a spray process of aqueous CNT-containing surfactant solutions. After a successful service by Rubröder, the system is working perfectly again. Thank you for your commitment and support."

Dr. Beata Lehmann
PVD und Nanotechnologie

Fraunhofer IWS

"We are making very good progress in our startup project. The order situation is steadily increasing and customer feedback is positive. We are very satisfied with your coating system. It runs reliably and flawlessly."

Dr. Vitali Weißbecker

"So far everything is going fine. We sprayed the first membranes directly onto electrode structures with very good results."

Dr. Klaus-Dieter Kreuer

"In our institute (ZBT) we have been using a Sono-Tek Spray Coater from Rubröder for several years as part of various R&D projects, including for the development and manufacture of gas diffusion electrodes for PEM fuel cells. The above-mentioned ultrasonic spray system works very reliably and creates homogeneously structured layer structures. The system is also attracting great interest in our company for other applications and is used by several working groups."

Dr.-Ing. Volker Peinecke
Elektrochemie und Schichttechnik

Zentrum für BrennstoffzellenTechnik

"For the development of hemostatic patches based on NHS-POx, we have seen that very reproducible results (ex-vivo/in vivo) could be obtained with coated patches created with our R&D Exactacoat coating machine. For upscaling, GATT Technologies BV is very interested in Sono-tek's ultrasonic spraying equipment for production."

Dr. Marcel Boermann

GATT Technologies BV

"We use an ExactaCoat Inert system for the production of silicon layers in the thin film area. With this system, extremely homogeneous layers with a thickness of a few micrometers can be produced with practically no loss of material. The research project is going well, as is the coating line. So far we have only had minor problems with the glovebox system, but they all could be resolved quickly with the help of Rubröder's technical service."

Dr. Roy Buschbeck
Institut für Chemie

Technische Universität Chemnitz

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